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Reconstitution of ultrawide DNA origami pores in liposomes for transmembrane transport of macromolecules

‘It had been merely a make any difference of buying up a ebook on cell biology and beginning to examine. I had originate from a environment of ultra-higher vacuums, cryostats and quantum phenomena, and now I used to be Doing the job at room temperature with molecular biology kits.

Non-equilibrium folding of individual DNA molecules recaptured up to 1000 times inside a strong state nanopore

2010, designed a completely new way (‘wedging transfer’) to manipulate nanostructures; initial report of DNA translocation by way of graphene nanopores; and recognized hybrid nanopores by directed insertion of α-hemolysin into stable-point out nanopores

Cornelis (Cees) Dekker (Haren, seven april 1959) is een Nederlandse natuurkundige en universiteitshoogleraar verbonden aan de Technische Universiteit Delft. Van 2010 tot en fulfilled 2018 was hij tevens directeur van het Kavli Institute of Nanoscience in Delft. Zijn vakgebied is de moleculaire biofysica; hierbij beweegt hij zich op het grensvlak van de natuurkunde en de biologie waarbij hij gebruikmaakt van de zogeheten nanotechnologie, de technieken om aan enkele atomen en moleculen te kunnen meten.

Numerous connected developments adopted, where by our team founded different transistor variants like single-electron transistors at room temperature and intramolecular nanotube junctions that acted as rectifying diodes, and coupled numerous transistors into little proof-of-principle Digital circuits.

Researching DNA loop extrusion by SMC proteins for chromosome architecture with solitary-molecule assays.

‘Yes, I fully grasp individuals ended up surprised at enough time. At the conclusion of the nineties, when I was in my forties, I had been Professor of Molecular Electronics and I've to admit that it experienced turn into a bit bored, I didn’t understand much any more. The sector went more into the appliance facet, how you may combine nanotubes into Digital circuits.

There was a single trouble although — we did not notice any measurable electrical conduction from The only polymer molecules. We concluded that at The one-molecule amount, conducting polymers were really not these terrific conductors, which was rather disappointing. We Hence broadened our look at to test to locate a lot more promising molecules.

An integrated microfluidic platform for quantifying drug permeation across biomimetic vesicle membranes

1999, to start with measurement in the wavefunction of one molecular orbitals of carbon nanotubes; and discovery of kink heterojunctions of carbon nanotubes which gave decisive evidence for your new Luttinger description of interacting electrons in nanotubes

Let’s initial seem back again at the moment whenever you decided to shift your target from superconductivity and nanotubes to biology at the end of the nineties.

The biophysicist from Delft – who has actually been Among the most cited experts while in the Netherlands For a long time – normally takes his accountability to contribute to the explanation and popularisation of his do the job for the border of physics and biology really significantly and frequently seems from the media; if not to talk about his do the job, then about the connection among science and his Christian faith.

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